DIY Merch: How to Make Custom Keychains  of Your Favourite Anime Characters

DIY Merch: How to Make Custom Keychains of Your Favourite Anime Characters

Hey fellow artists and anime enthusiasts! Ever thought about turning your favourite anime characters into cool, custom keychains? Well, you're in for a treat! Let us dive into the world of DIY anime merch together and see how you can make your very own acrylic keychains that scream "YOU"!


Rise in Popularity of Acrylic Keychains

Did you know that the love for anime keychains has skyrocketed in recent years? It is like having a little piece of your favourite anime with you wherever you go, or it feels like your favourite characters are on a non-stop adventure with you.


It is more than just a trend! Having keychains allows you to rock a slice of your fav anime wherever you wander. Whether you're pumped up by the epic battles in Attack on Titan or riding the feels train with Frieren: Beyond Journey's End, these custom keychains are like your anime soul made tangible.


Why Make Acrylic Keychains?



You are not just buying a keychain; you are creating a tiny masterpiece. From the moment you decide on the size, shape, keyring style, colour, and finishing touch, it is like you are the director of your own anime show. You get to call all the shots and bring your imagination to life!



Durable Material

Acrylic is the unsung hero of the keychain world! It is not just about looking sleek and shiny (though it does that exceptionally well), acrylic allows your merch to be ready for action whether you are off on a grand adventure during a convention or just going about your daily life.




As compared to larger merchandise like acrylic standees, keychains are more affordable and offer a space-efficient solution for fans with limited display space. Their compact size also makes them perfect for on-the-go enthusiasts!


Conversation Starter

Imagine this: someone spots your keychain and goes, "Whoa, is that Gojo?" Instant connection! Your acrylic keychain is not just an accessory, it is a chat magnet for bonding with fellow fans.



Making Acrylic Keychains

Want to make your own keychain? You can start by sending us your designs and selecting specifications such as size and shape. You can even choose finishing options like a gradient finish for added flair.



To add a more personal touch, you can choose a keyring that would vibe well with your art, ranging from classic circles, to hearts for your oshi, and more options to make your keychain feel more "you"!



Creating your anime keychain isn't just a crafty project, it is an open love letter to your favourite series. So, fellow anime enthusiasts, unleash your inner artist, embrace the DIY journey, and let those keychains tell the world your unique anime story